Cgae Cgae Tlhabololo Trust

Botshelo Trust was started in response to the rate of poverty and difficulty for people and youth to access resources. In result, Botshelo facilitates programs to empower community members and caregivers in order to strengthen home environment of children of all ages. With its programs, Botshelo is able to serve all members of the community, not just those in need to produce a bigger impact on the community as a whole.

The staff at Botshelo Trust works to:

  • Empower community members to become self-reliant
  • Help the whole community with access to basic needs and services
  • Reduce stigma (of orphans, destitute people, HIV)

In order to help the community as a whole to become self-reliant, Botshelo Trust has several programs:

  • The Belega Bana Day Care Centre, a preschool sponsoring orphans and vulnerable children, provides OVC with food, education, and psychosocial support for their families and caregivers.
  • The Tsolofelo Community Centre facilitates access to basic needs and empowers the people of the local community to develop skills and personal qualities.
  • The Playgroup Cluster promotes communities to develop play groups and allow children and their parents to develop social skills to support one another


Location: Saoshoko, Shakawe, Botswana

Telephone: 6875804

Fax: 6875284

Postal Address: PO Box 472 Shakawe Botswana