Bana Ba Letsatsi

Bana Ba Letsatsi (BBL) was founded in December 2003 in response to the growing number of children on the streets in Maun.

The centre offers a safe haven where children can access education and counselling, food, medical attention, clothes, showers, training, and any other needs. Through education, a supportive environment and access to essential services, the staff at BBL aspires to see all children and youth become productive members of society.

Some of the 250 children that BBL actively supports have never been to school or dropped out early; others suffer physical and sexual abuse, abuse drugs and alcohol, work underage, beg and/or lack parental care. The staff strives to keep vulnerable, at risk and orphaned children and youth off the streets and away from negative influences.

The centre works tirelessly to motivate children and youth to go back to school and provides basic necessities for children re-entering the system. They sponsor some children to attend private primary school, paying for fees, uniforms and transport, and also sponsor four to six year-olds to attend a local private nursery.

Counsellors advocate for children, liaising constantly with social services and the departments of education and health and make regular school visits to monitor children’s educational progress.

BBL’s other programs include youth work development schemes which help secure employment for youth, family initiatives to help caregivers provide for children and youth and school holiday programs to keep youth away from negative influences during the school break.


Telephone/Fax: +267.686.47.87



Physical address: Government House D6 – Chobe Ward – Maun – Botswana