Okavango Community Trust (OCT), a community based organization, administers the Duba and Vumbura land concessions totallying over 89 000 hectares (220 000 acres) that have been ceded by the Botswana Government to five villages just outside of the Okavango Delta. OCT represents the 5000 people residing in the 5 villages of Seronga, Gunitsoga, Eretsha, Betsha, and Gudigwa and oversees the project and directs the flow of funds.

Since its inception, the communities have benefited from substantial cash and auxiliary returns, jobs, skills transfer and training in nurturing this area, and in turn are doing a superb job of managing the concessions.

Okavango Community Trust partners with Wilderness Safaris which has 3 camps on OCT’s conessions: Duba Plains, Vumbura Plains and Little Vumbura. The partnership promotes employment and  training to all local community members in all aspects of lodge management. To help the community, a qualified paramedic and HIV/AIDS counselor has been hired to assist with the health and safety issues that face these communities.


Location: Maun, Botswana

Telephone/Fax: 6876851

Postal Address: PO Box 5, Seronga Botswana

Website: http://okacommtrust.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okacommtrust/