Tcheku Community Trust is based in NG32 targeting communities of Kaputura ,Tobere and Kyeica and Tcheku. Tcheku Community Trust was established in 2003 as legal entity granted to operate as Community Based Organization benefiting from Community Based Nature Resources Management policy.

The role for this trust is to play a pivotal role in information dissemination about the Trust and bridge the distance of our participants by connecting them to interact and exchange new views and ideas for our shared common Goals of our Trust to tackle challenges such as Unemployment mostly that have affected the Youth ,poverty and Development planning in our Villages and inclusive is one of our pillars to coming up with ways on how we can work together with those charged Development planning for the higher level to the lower such as the Office of the District Commissioner for Developments, social worker, village Development Committees (VDC) and other stakeholders, Non-Government Organisations working together with Tcheku.

Trust profited from their community hunting quota with profits driven from trophy hunting used for socio-economic developments for the marginal Tcheku community trust. Tcheku also received funding from CTF to assist in drafting of a management plan for CHA NG 13.Currently the trust has been funded to start Sengaparile farming project funded by SGP/GEF through UNDP.

The trust is overseen by nine (9) elected board of trustees and administered by the Trust General manager, Public Relations Officer, finance and Admin officer and 8 Escort guides. The board of trustees were trained on issues of governance and organizational management by NCONGO.

Tcheku Trust Head Office is located in Tobere Settlement.


Location: Shakawe, Botswana

P O Box: 263, Shakawe

Telephone: 6840266/ 77 858 124