Bana ba Metsi School was established by the Moremogolo Trust, a group of concerned individuals, to fund projects aimed at assisting disadvantaged groups in Botswana, specifically youth at risk and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS.  The school provides youth an opportunity to understandings, skills, attitudes and personal qualities through the dignity of learning and work, in order to re-enter the formal education system and become productive members of the community.

The school takes boys who have problems that have interfered with their primary-level education such as anti-social activities like bullying, harassment and theft.  The causes are many: lack of positive role models, orphaned, peer pressure and poverty to name a few.

The school is in a remote location, near Ngarange in the northwest district of Botswana, at the upper end of the Okavango Delta.  In this remote location the temptations are reduced and the school staff prepares the youngsters for the Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) which is administered by the Botswana government’s Department for Education.

In addition to academic skills the students are taught vocational skills such as bricklaying, carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, music and even information technology.  These skills, as well as being practical, give them a sense of achievement and self-worth which may have been lacking before. On completion of their studies the children are integrated back into the junior-secondary level of Botswana’s education system.

The school receives some funding from central government, but relies heavily on donations to improve its activities and facilities.  This website is meant to give active and prospective donors an insight into the school’s activities and where the money goes.


Location: Ngarange, Botswana

Telephone: 72437948