Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust (OKMCT )


Over the past few years, the Okavango Delta and Maun in particular, have become perceived as an expensive destination with many Overland Companies no longer stopping in Maun due to what are considered to be high rates for activities such as Mokoro Trails.


Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust commonly known as “OKMCT” is a trust registered in 1997 with the registrar of deed to carry out community based natural resources management, to promote sustainable utilisation of natural resources through direct participation of communities in managing the environment, animals and plant species abundant in their vicinity. The trust offers tourism products and services in a controlled hunting area known as Ng32, an area found in the famous Okavango Delta. Moreover, the aim of the trust is to offer an affordable trip to allow more people to enjoy the delta and to provide more jobs in this disadvantaged, economically impoverished rural areas.

Located in an area of aproximately 1,225 km2. OKMCT operates in six villages namely Ditshuping, Boro ,Xharaxao,Xuoxao ,Daunara and Xaxaba.These villages are made of the local tribe called Bayei.The OKMCT is made up of board-members from the various communities within the area.OKMCT has benefited its communities from Tourism and thus, tribes have adapted to using these naturals resources to sustain their living.

We at OKMCT manage the Mokoro Trails undertaken in our concession area, this being in line with our Government’s policy of restructuring the tourism industry to ensure that tourism generates income that directly benefits the actual rural communities of the areas where the tourist activities are undertaken.

Operating from our Maun office, we have a booking system which co-ordinates all the mekoro stations in our area. Different tour operators and tourists book through our Maun main office based at Apollo complex to enter Ng32 concession where the famous mokoro are found. We therefore take bookings from a variety of tour operators. People entering the concession are expected to pay reasonable fees, pollers and guides who are the local people also offer their guiding services/traditional guiding skills at affordable prices. Entrance fee for 1 person per day is P40 excluding tax.

All our Mekoro are maintained and registered to insure the safety of the passengers.Our settlements have freelance pollers to guide tourists along the meandering Delta.They transport tourists along the Delta with their Mokoro( dug-out canoes or traditional boats which are made locally from fibreglass as an effort to conserve the large trees in the area).These Mokoro can carry two passengers including the poler;Your guide poles along while you sit down and relax.We can also provide another Mokoro to carry tourists camping luggage.Covering the Delta can take many days depending on how far the tourists want to go.The delta is therefore a big home for many wildlife animals like elephants ,girrafes,hippos,antelopes and many more.

Other products available to tourists are our traditional campsites characterized by the true African wilderness .Tourists who wish to experience camping are advised to bring their personal belongings, these are; tents, cooking pots, table, mosquito coils, peaceful sleep, cameras, blankets and food . Moreover, tourists can indulge themselves in nature walks as well as motor boat hiring. All the tourists entering our area of operation are under the watchful and indigenous knowledge of rich local guides and pollers who impart local heritage to tourists throughout the concession until they are satisfied with the exciting Okavango wilderness adventures.


Location: Apollo Complex; airport light industrial plot no 246 Maun Botswana

Telephone/Fax:  +267 6865210 | Fax: +267 6864809

Mobile: +26775341813