Khwai Development Trust is located in the heart of the Botswana wilderness, located to the north of Moremi Game Reserve and to the south of Chobe National Park, it serves as not only one of the country’s best managed Community Based Natural Resource Management Programs but also a perfect stop over when traveling between the two national reserves.

The Trust was founded in April 2000, and represents the interests of the community of the Khwai Village, through the Trust the community has been empowered to play an active role in the sustainable use of natural resources whilst ensuring that the benefits from the tourism activities that take place in the area are distributed to all households and residents.

Outside of the income generated by its tourism activities, the Trust builds houses for destitute members of the village, it also contributes a monthly stipend to the elderly that exceeds the government pension payout. It pays annual dividends to its members. In addition to the work the trust undertakes with the community, it also assists in the day to day occurrences that come with living in such a remote wilderness area, by transporting the sick and elderly to Maun when needed and assisting families during extreme times such as funerals.

Khwai Development Trust operates camping facilities at Magotho, Sable Ally and Matswere Campsites.

Khwai Development Trust Offers the following Activities outside of the self driving that visitors may do.

  • Mokoro Trips and Motor Boat Tours : Sit back and relax in a traditional canoe and experience the Khwai River by skimming just above its glassy waters, Mokoro Trips are done in connection with KDT, you are escorted by a KDT guide. For the less adventurous traveler KDT offers motor boat excursions accompanied by a KDT guide
  • Bush Walks: KDT offers a unique perspective by allowing guided walks in the area, visitors must be accompanied by a KDT guide and shown the little wonders of the bush that most people miss from the back of a vehicle.
  • Night Drives: Night Driving is only allowed when accompanied by KDT escort guides in the area. This ensures the visitors safety and guarantees an unforgettable experience.
  • Cultural Tours: KDT also offers cultural tours that show visitors the in and outs of living in a remote wilderness area. This great experience should not be missed while in the area, as it is most entertaining and educational.


Location: Maun, Botswana

Contact: 6862365 / 6801211

Khwai Contact: 6830272

Fax: 6801210

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