Established and registered in February 2021 in Maun – Okavango Human Wildlife Conflict Foundation serves as a socially responsible group, helping each other with life advices and sharing experiences for improved wildlife conservation and it supports raising awareness on human wildlife conflict, stakeholder networking, and resource mobilisation for participatory wildlife conservation.


To be an ideal provider of inclusive wildlife conservation and related services


Custom built policies, plans and decision making on human wildlife conflict and related services


  • Integrity: Botho, adherence to moral and ethical (standards of conduct) principles and honesty.
  • Accountability: Transparency, obligation to account, accepts responsibility, and being answerable.
  • Teamwork: Unity, compromise, harmony and participation.
  • Focus to customer: timeliness, accuracy, quality, and innovation.
  • Professionalism: exercise scientific principles and data analysis, abide by professional code of conduct and continuous develop staff
  • Confidentiality: High level of protection of information providers and the information collected. Maintaining the confidentiality of individual and corporate information.

Service Areas

Okavango Human Conflict Foundation has five service provision areas aligned to our objectives and they provide the following:

  • To create awareness on human wildlife conflict among the community members with relevant stakeholders.
  • To encourage active community participation in conservation and management of wildlife.
  • To implement compensation program on injuries caused by wild animals to reduce retaliatory killings of wild animals by locals as conflicting species.
  • To be a socially responsible group, helping each other with life advices and sharing experiences to improve our lives. Allowing for benchmarking and implementation of best practices
  • To conduct surveys, seminars and information dissemination on the relevance of mitigating human wildlife conflict. This will require collaboration with research bodies, experts, line government ministries/ departments, NGO’s, private sectors and development partners involved in wildlife conservation and human wildlife conflict.
  • To participate on planned fund raising initiatives and workshops


Location: Maun, Botswana

Contact: +267 73828501