Qangwa Community Trust

Qangwa Community Trust is a community based organization legally registered within the laws of the Republic of Botswana as a Community Trust, on the 17th October 2013.  The trust is located in Qangwa village, a small village in the North-West District of Botswana close to the western border with Namibia and it is located approximately 120km from the turn off along the Nokaneng – Maun road stretching through 120km of gravel road.  The trust consists of 1, 629 (2022 population & housing census) people from the communities of Qangwa, Qooshe, Magopa and Dobe.

Qangwa Community Trust is a public instrument charged with public duty to execute its activities in the best interest of the general public, and the Trustees are public servants entrusted with public goods or services for the Third party.


  • To protect and conserve the natural resource found within NG 3 and hence utilize it for improvement of livelihoods and development of infrastructure for the benefit of local communities.
  • To bridge the gap between the elderly and youth through information dissemination with regard to environmental education both in schools and through Kgotla meetings.


  • To protect and conserve the natural resources found in and around Controlled Hunting Area NG 3 against extinction, misuse or other damage.
  • To sustainably use the natural resources of the area for the benefit, improvement of livelihoods and development of beneficiaries of the communities of Dobe, Magopa, Qangwa and Qooshe villages.
  • To promote collaboration and cooperation amongst the member villages of the four (4) villages.
  • To encourage and support equal rights in the trust and full participation without discrimination on any tribal, racial, political, religious, gender or ethnic affiliation.

Guided by our key principles

  • Environmental care (protecting nature, protecting lives)
  • Empowerment of ideas
  • Social and ethical responsibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Dynamism
  • Ambition

Our values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • And respect for both people and the environment

Our purpose

To provide a robust service response to the community members of Qangwa community and other stakeholders in need of our services, our time and we will develop additional customer offerings such as an enhanced convenience retail offering to all.


  • Photographic tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Hunting tourism
  • Environmental education


  • Installation of solar power solar power in Qooshe settlement to power up the borehole to pump drinking water for both livestock and human.
  • Installation of solar power and erection of Jojo tank stand in Magopa settlement to power up the borehole and storage of water
  • Installation of water pipes and erection of jojo tank stand in Qangwa village (project in progress).
  • Construction of two roomed building (office & storeroom) at Baate – (project in progress)
  • Erection of jojo tank stand in Dobe – (project almost complete)
  • Magopa Tented Motel – still at infancy stage


Location: Qangwa village, Gumare, Botswana

Postal Address: P O Box 536, Gumare

Office Phone:+267 684 1016

Mobile Phone: +267 737 719 47