Poetavango aims to elevate, develop, and promote all spoken word arts including poetry, storytelling, performance and other literary arts. The Poetavango slogan is simple: One Word, One Aim, One Destiny. Though the members are varied in their approaches to writing and reciting poetry, they stand as one. They embrace the word in unity and respect, with the same ambition, heading for the same destiny. The poets’ goals are to bring generations, communities, races, and genders together.

One of Poetavango’s core goals is to take poetry out to the people and let the members of the community understand, accept, and embrace the art of poetry. It is a tool in which the poets intend to mould the nation with positive information and educative entertainment. It is also an artform to keep young members of the community out of the streets.

The society has grown profoundly since its formation in March 2008. Today, it has 16 dedicated poets who meet every Monday and Wednesday to rehearse at the Nhabe Museum. The society holds sessions every second month which are open to the public. The sessions tend to focus on a theme that relates to critical events in history such as Black History Month or International Mothers’ Day. The themes help bring diversity of poetry and emphasis on certain issues of concern. They also enlighten audiences on history, current affairs, and social and political issues


Location: Maun, Botswana

Telephone: 72947614/72205242/6863221

Postal Address: PO Box 21981 Boseja, Maun, Botswana

Web: https://www.facebook.com/Poetavango/