Ngamiland Creative Arts Network Project

The Ngamiland Creative Network Project was funded by CIPA under The Levy on Technical devices fund with the overall objective to develop a robust creative network hub in Ngamiland for the CSOs in the creative industries through the development of capacity, quality and diversity of the creative industry in Ngamiland. Ngamiland is home to the tourism industry, with that comes opportunities for creative and performing artists to take advantage of this market and create an equally attractive package for creative and performing art enthusiasts, by creating an ambience that captures all the different aspects of creative industries that exist in Maun and Ngamiland at large. The creative industry needs a platform for networking, coordination and collaboration between key stakeholders to build the capacity within the group. The strategy in focusing on Ngamiland is due to potential it has already shown from the Maun International Arts Festival (hosted by Poetavango Spoken Word Poetry) and creative artists winning national awards (Thapong Visual Artist of the Year – Mr. O. Sebuelo – chairperson of Okavango Artists Association) to hosting frequent art exhibitions. The beneficiaries of the Ngamiland Creative Network Project have demonstrated the potential to pilot the creative hub.