Mininstry Of Environment and Tourism on a campaign to raise awareness on the benefits of Trophy Hunting to the community

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism organized a media tour to raise awareness on trophy hunting and its benefits to the affected communities.
Addressing the media yesterday, Kgosi Johane Tlholego Ngwengare hailed trophy hunting explaining that the Village’s Trust; Xhauxhwatubi Development Trust has changed the livelihoods of residents of Phuduhudu village. He highlighted that the quota given to the Trust played a huge part with regards to sustainable development of the village and employment creation to the youth.
The proceeds from trophy hunting has helped Xhauxhwatubi Development Trust to purchase two Safari tour vehicles, a combi, assists the community in different ways such as helping the bereaved families with an amount of P1500, sponsored 33 children for tertiary education who studied courses such as Professional Safari Guide, Hotel Knowledge management, Early Childhood, Carpentry, Brick Laying, yearly contribution of P12, 000.00 towards celebration of Botswana Independence and built houses for residents.
Kgosi highlighted that to further develop their village, they wish to establish a cultural village and the trust has pledged P150 000 towards the project.