The Okavango Polers Trust was formed by members of the community to establish a viable eco-tourism business which would benefit all the people in the Seronga area of the Okavango Delta.

Registered in 1998, the Community-Based Organization is owned and operated by its members with no financial interest by foreigners or safari companies.

Each poler is trained as a guide to take people into the delta in a mokoro or dugout canoe. The polers are trained by the Head Poler/Guide who has a high level of knowledge about the area and animals that inhabit it.

The polers working for the trust are locals often born and raised in the community and learned their skills as young children and are familiar with the waterways of the Okavango Delta surrounding Seronga.

The members of the Trust are constantly working diligently to improve their English and communication skills to better serve their guests.


Location: Seronga, Botswana

Telephone: 6876861

Fax: 6876939