Gender and Disability Sector

This sector brings together an array of CSOs that are either direct health service providers or form a support system for the services provided. It enhances the national efforts and interventions on combating HIV/AIDS and other health issues. The sector has also been recently been introduced to Covid-19 and organizations across the health sectors have incorporated on to their daily operations.
The purpose of the HIV/AIDS & Covid-19 sector is to bring together and
coordinate efforts of the health and HIV/AIDS service providers as well as to
come up with innovative partnerships between CSOs and strategic partners that will work to improve the health delivery services in the district.

The role of the Health, HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 Sector is:

Welfare, upliftment and economic empowerment and survival of men and women including equalisation of opportunities for people living with disabilities.
Coordinate the efforts of the committee membership
Promotion of human rights for men, women and people living disabilities.
Developing appropriate response action plan to gender and disability issues
Ensuring effective implementation, coordination and evaluation of programmes
Promote Advocacy and Lobbying at community, district and national level for the development/review of policies and legislators
Ensure effective communication and joint planning amongst committee members and
relevant stakeholders

The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for this sector includes amongst others;

Ensure coordination, harmonization and implementation of the North West District and
national response on Gender and Disability.

Give guidance and advice the relevant district committees on Gender equality and Disability
and direct the technical working groups on all issues relating to the coordination, harmonization and implementation of district response on Gender equality and Disability.

Ensure the development/review of policies, legislations and guideline for district and national
Gender equality and Disability’s interventions.

Define a district care and support package for Gender equality and Disability in Ngamiland.
Ensure monitoring and the implementation of the district response at all levels.

Mobilize and leverage resources for the implementation of the Gender equality and
Disability’s district response.

Provide or co-opt the relevant technical expertise needed for the successful implementation of the national Gender equality and Disability responses.

Ensure effective multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral district Gender and Disability and Disability responses

Regularly deliberate on emerging issues on Gender equality and Disability and make
recommendations to the local authorities.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children Sector Membership: